Beryllium copper / Phosphor bronze / Brass

Beryllium is a metal that is lighter than aluminium and stronger than steel, and it is also a very good heat and electricity conductor.

Even though Beryllium copper is a material that is used frequently and has elasticity, the presence of the Beryllium metal in the alloy could cause problems. If leaf springs must be made from Beryllium copper, laser cuts should rather not be used, because the Beryllium vapours that could be released during this process are extremely hazardous.

Material Type Coiling Operating Temperature Heat treatment after coiling
Beryllium copper Hard spring Cold Up to 200 °C 315°C - 320°C for 3 hours + Air cooling (A.C.)

Phosphor bronze is a copper alloy with tin and phosphor. The material is suitable for contact and conduction springs in almost all situations. It is strong and has a low friction coefficient.

Brass is very similar to phosphor bronze, but has less good mechanical properties.